10 Things you must do to grow your Online Business in the First Year

Many people are starting to realize that the corporate world is not for them. For some, the corporate world is what they love and they are very good at being players in it. For others, it is exhausting and results in nothing more than a treadmill which can be stopped. If you are looking for stage left in the corporate world and want to be your own boss, you might be looking to online selling as an avenue of business. Here are the 10 things you must do to grow your online business in the first year with a New York City SEO Expert.


Check these out:

Plan- You must plan ahead and know what you will be selling, where you want to sell it, who your target audience is, what your budget is, how you will track your customers and many more. You don’t have to have an MBA to run your own business, but you must plan out the basics before you start.

Find your Niche- In order for you to stand out, you need to find a niche. If you sell handmade soap specifically for those with sensitive skin and you make them with home-grown herbs, then you have a niche. It is very important to find a niche with your product market and focus on it, you will be glad you did.

Know your Competition- This may go without saying, but oftentimes, people get so excited about selling their product that they don’t pay attention to who else is selling a similar product. You must find out what your competition is doing, not so that you can copy them, but so that you know what others are looking at and you can differentiate yourself.
Read Reviews- Before you choose which online marketplaces you want to sell on, read some reviews on the pros and cons for each.

Keep Business with Business- Set up a separate account for your business, as far as your finances go. In this way, when tax time comes around, you have an all in one spot to turn to for your income and expenditure instead of hunting through the shopping transactions and groceries.

Know your Audience- If you are selling wedding jewelry, market to brides. If you sell running clothes, market to runners. It is also important to think about the most professional design and that which will reflect your business, not just you.

Have Inventory- While it is good to be conservative in your setup expenses, you do want to have enough inventory to sell, if that is what your business does.
Be Organized- Know your organizational system ahead of time. Have your finances set up. This goes into planning, as well, but being extremely organized will help you immensely.
Learn SEO- a  is a fancy term for “put keywords on your website that will allow your website to be found in online searches in the Charleston SEO area.”
Know where to Advertise- You must advertise. You may get some customers just by existing, but you need to utilize and scout advertising outlets.
Follow the tips stated above and rest assured that you can grow your business even in the first year.

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