When it comes to shopping for gold chains for men, there are five key things that you need to look for. The last thing that you want to do is play yourself when it comes to finding that chain necklace, which is why we at IT’s Hot are going to school you on how to choose that ice that’ll last you for a long time to come. Though we gave a shout out to our chains in our last gold chain shopping guide, we’re giving you the real deal about picking the best one. We’re the first to tell you that our men’s 10k gold chains are hot to death, but we want you to feel as untouchable as the hottest hip-hop mogul on the scene. So, sit back and take notes on how to choose the best chain for you.



Before you even think about dropping money on one of our gold chains, think about how much you’re willing to spend. From there, we show you yellow, white, and rose gold chains like our hollow men’s puff chain so that you can see how pure the gold is. From there, we offer you the option to keep your gold chains for men’s classic or trick it out with genuine diamonds if you’re willing to spend that extra cheddar. Add those factors up and and decide from there just what you want from one of our gold chains for men. We’ll hook you up with one that will complement your style while staying loyal to your budget.



Another thing that you’ve got to factor in when shopping for all types of gold chains is what jewelry style is hot right now. Yo  You’ll see that you can’t go wrong with our solid men’s Franco chain in 10-karat white gold right now because it’s versatile enough to wear with your casual streetwear and ballerific suits. Whether you’re young enough to be at the club until the break of dawn or old enough to be a boss in the boardroom, this joint will upgrade your style. The best part about our Franco chain necklace is that it has just enough gold to give you the best bang for your buck.



If you’re the kind of shotcaller that wants his bling to be the only game in town, you should consider letting us customize one of the best gold chains that you’ll ever find on the ‘Net for you. The best thing that you can do is show us the style that you’re looking for so that we can design it for you on paper. Whether you want to adjust the length of your men’s dog tag chain or make it thick enough to complement your blinged-out dog tag pendant, we’ll give you a Photoshopped version of it on your picture so that you can see how it’ll look on you. Our in-house model maker will carve out a model version for you to approve before we craft it into the hip hop chain that you had in mind so that you’ll have total control in the bling that you invest in.



Speaking of picking the best pendant for your men’s gold chain, you’ll need to find one that matches the high standards of our best gold chains. The good news is that our previous article on Cuban link chains gave you plenty of options for you to choose from, all you have to do is use your eye for fashionable hip hop jewelry so that you can pick the best one . Whether you’re looking for something low-key for when you’re visiting your girl’s parents or something flashy to rock with your solid men’s Miami Cuban link chain when you’re flossing at the club, we’ll hook you up with a pendant that will complete your fresh to death hip hop jewelry style!

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