The Physical and Mental Effects of Training in Krav Maga in New York City 


Adding Krav Maga to your workout routine will benefit you tremendously, and in more ways than you may think. Krav Maga is a form of hand-to-hand combat and self defense training developed by the Israeli Defense Force.  The introduction of Krav Maga Trainers in NYC to your daily life will have tremendous impacts on your life, both mentally and physically. These impacts will boost your overall health and wellness, as well as your confidence, while providing you with a better outlook on life.


The mental and emotional benefits of working out are at least somewhat commonly known. Most individuals that have developed some form of workout routine have, at the very least, heard that exercise endorphins, a chemical in the brain.  This bodily response both reduces the body’s perception of pain and triggers a positive feeling in the body.  This is no different for Krav Maga.  Many New York Krav Maga participants have expressed an overall feeling of stronger mental and emotional states following a Krav Maga course.  This is due to increased mood, and a boost in confidence and self-esteem.  This is due in part to the release of endorphins, and in part due to a feel of accomplishment after completing a rigorous workout.  The feeling that one is able to defend his or her self should danger threaten him or her, or a loved one, is extremely rewarding.


In addition, should danger strike, mental preparation is half of the battle.  A lot of individuals “freeze” under pressure; it is a natural reaction to fear.  However, Krav Maga experts in New York are able to train participants to not shut down in reaction to fear, but instead mentally prepare for danger.  This is not to say that self-defense classes are built on a premise that something bad will happen to every individual, but rather, that should something happen, one is trained and prepared.  Mental preparation training offered through Krav Maga helps participants stay mentally focused, and therefore safe.


Most obviously, Krav Maga will strengthen the body, causing leaner, stronger and more firm individuals. With the repeated kicking, punching, jabbing and other movement, an individual participating in intensive Krav Maga courses in New York City will get in better physical shape in no time.  What is Particularly beneficial with Krav Maga is the amount of different “drills” that are run; the body gets complacent with repetitive training and effects begin to wear off.  However, self-defense fitness training allows different muscle groups the chance to properly work.


Krav Maga in New York City, although new the scene, is now considered a top addition to a workout or training regime.  While learning self-defense and the use of one’s body as protection, an individual can get more tough both mentally and physically, leading an overall sense of well-being. See more here:


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